Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Science Topic?

Here's something to think about. As most of you know, glass is a liquid. Now over years it will move at a slow rate. As i was taking a walk the other day i thought (if I'm correct) if glass is extremely heated sand, why wont it ever go back into its original state when cooled and why won't it go to a gas if heated much higher?

What i thought was because when its heated, maybe it undergoes a special chemical reaction in which it cant go back. For example when you burn a piece of paper there no way you'll be able to get it back to the way it originally was.

as for the gaseous part, i was guessing you probably could but it'd have to be extremely extremely hot temperatures such as those in the center of the earth or at the sun.

I could look this up online but then, whats the fun in a blog then? 

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  1. Thanks a lot, nick. Your blogspot looks pretty cool as well. I dont have the attention span to stick to one topic, so ill prob just post random stuff