Friday, February 18, 2011


So as i was listening to my ear ring continuously from a show i went to last night, i was thinking. How often our bodies are bad for us. How many people do you think have died from an asthma attack in which wasn't necessary? If i'm correct its been a while, our body closes the airways off in an attempt to not let something in (or out possibly). Or another example being smelling something bad and vomiting, which in turn over a time period will eat away at the lining of your esophagus. Or how about even allergies? I'm not an expert with allergies because i have virtually none but, allergies to things such as fruit and chocolate. Would it actually do anything to us in the long run? Isn't our body responsible for the hives and breakouts of allergies?

Think of how flawed we are in this sense and how much we pay just to fix it. This includes acne and pimples and everything.

And on another note, what about fat? Our body thinks like we're back in the early eras of our existence in which we needed to horde the fat in the event that their was no food for a long time. I think in most parts of the world especially the parts that can afford to even gain fat, that it is no longer necessary, in fact it's hated by my guess would be 99% of the population.

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